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One Suite Advisory is a company built on trust. It is our firm belief that providing good service comes hand in hand with protecting the privacy of our clients. From conducting risk and return assessments, to analyzing different banking solutions, we seek to provide clients with their best financial options, all the while keeping in mind their privacy and security needs. At One Suite Advisory, the information you provide will only be used for the purposes of financial transactions. Personal data collected are only for relevant business requirements, and may not be used for other purposes not specified to the client. Violations and infringements on this policy will be subject to privacy laws and to provisions under the Personal Data Protection Act of 2012.

Your Privacy

Personal data is anything that you provide or give out that helps identity who you are. Protecting this information is crucial as it guards against possible violations against your rights and privacy. At One Suite Advisory, our utmost concern is for your continued security and financial protection, and as such we have devised confidentiality guidelines to help us achieve trustworthy and dependable service accordingly.

What information is covered under One Suite Advisory’s Privacy Policy?

The personal information you provide to One Suite Advisory will be used in the service of your interests. To secure the necessary funds you need, we will need access to the relevant information that are required to mediate and facilitate financial transactions. This information includes the personal data you provide us, in various forms that include, but are not limited to registering with us for an account, communication gathered through electronic mail, our website, or other avenues. The whole range information you provide us will only be used to help you secure the financial services you need.

Why is my personal data necessary to begin with?

Your personal information is required for financial, and for other business transactions. It is a basic requirement in banks and other financial institutions, and a necessary step in helping you gather the financing you need. Apart from business requirements, One Suite Advisory’s performance as a company relies on keeping up-to-date records both for efficiency and for the value of serving the customer the best that we can. We may use your personal information to deliver the services that you may request. Your information may also be used in our customer support system, as well as in the communication of terms and conditions, on top of other functions necessary for day-to-day business.

How will my information be used in the company’s transactions?

As a basic requirement in banking and financing processes, One Suite Advisory will need to relay your information to the concerned banking and financing institutions. The coordination of your information is necessary to secure the financing you need. Rest assured, however, that all the parties concerned in managing your accounts are subjected to the same privacy laws that ensure your confidentiality.

Who will have access to my information?

One Suite Advisory will have primary access to your information. Banks and other finance institutions will receive access once business processes and/or transactions are made with their institutions. Our company, One Suite Advisory, may not use your information other than for the purposes of facilitating these services.

How am I protected?

Privacy laws and adherence to their strict practices ensures the confidentiality of the client. One Suite Advisory works to provide good service alongside client security through its many business transactions. Under specific circumstances, however, we may be required to disclose client’s information to government entities; granted that they have sufficient authority, and are within their legal purview.

Personal Data Protection in Singapore

The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) was enacted in 2012. The act created the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) and the Do Not Call (DNC) Register. In establishing a regulatory body and a database, the Act created a means to govern in the collection, use and disclosure of personal data by organizations such as banks and financial institutions. One Suite Advisory lawfully abides by the PDPA, the PDPC, and subscribes to and follows the regulations according to the DNC Register. The privacy policy of One Suite Advisory is in accordance with the policies for data protection in Singapore, and is described as follows:

Personal Information counts as any data or detail from which a person may be identified. Such information includes, but are not limited to: your name, various ID numbers, telephone numbers, home and/or business addresses, electronic mail addresses, education history, employment history, bank and/or credit account, credit history, and other sets of information. Personal information also consists of your IP address, and other information related to using our company’s website and online facilities. The information you will provide in transacting with our company will count as personal information under which statutes and regulations under the PDPA will apply.

The collection of personal information will be for the purposes of relevant business transactions, as well as for the purposes of day-to-day administration and accounts maintenance. Information may be used for communicating with clients regarding changes in their policies and/or the company’s policies, services, or other promos. Specified messages to clients regarding goods, services, information and other promotional material will be undertaken only with the clear and unambiguous consent of the client, and under the guidelines set by the DNC Provisions. Disclosure of personal information will likewise follow the guidelines set by the PDPA. Cookies, together with other similar types of files, may be stored on One Suite Advisory’s web site. Such information does not include your personal information per se, but consists of electronic data that helps us identify your web account.

Cookies are collected when clients use the site for various purposes, and is used by the company in conducting online maintenance of its services.

The guidelines regarding One Suite Advisory’s Privacy Policy have been explained in this document, but should you have any further questions or queries regarding our policies, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any of your concerns.